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The Geo Cruiser comes with a limited warranty and the following coverage: 

Frame - Three (3) years 

Mechanical Parts: One-year (1) year parts and labor  

  • The Joystick controller and cable assembly will not be warranted if there is physical damage to the joystick, connector pins, connectors or cable. 

  • Any damage physical damage to the plastics will not be covered. 


Battery: One-year (1) year parts and labor

Please make sure to contact us as soon as you discover that there is problem with your Geo Cruiser. 


Warranty Exclusions



  • Failure to follow the proper use, operation and maintenance

  • The use of non-authorized parts 

  • Mechanical damage caused by an accident or misuse.

  • Consumables such as the inner core and outer tires as well as bearings are not covered  

  • Any unauthorized changes to vehicle design.

  • Any damage caused by a natural disaster such as a flood, earthquake or fire will not be covered.

  • This limited warranty does not cover normal maintenance service or periodic adjustments required for normal use.


This warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the Geo Cruiser and is not transferable.

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