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Selecting the Right Model  


When deciding on a model that will best fit your needs, you should consider the weight capacity support needed, comfort and the power of the chair. Key differences are listed below. You can continue to scroll down for to view the detailed comparison table.  

          Geo DX


  • Lightest Model (50lbs.*)  

  • Weight Support: Up to 270lbs.

  • Lithium Ion Battery: 16aH 

  • Standard Seat Size: 16"X16"

  • 19" Between armrests. 

  • Standard Motors: Two 180W

  • Standard Rear Tires: 8" 

 Lightest Model/Most Afordable

Recommended for someone between 100 to 220lbs, and between 4' to 5'9 in height. It is the lightest unit and easiest to lift as it is only 50lbs. without batteries. 



*55lbs with batteries 


          Geo LX


  • Mid Size Model (53lbs.*)  

  • Weight Support: Up to 330lbs.

  • Lithium Ion Battery: 16aH 

  • Larger Seat Size: 17"X17"

  • 21" Between armrests 

  • Standard Motors: Two 180W

  • Standard Rear Tires: 8" 

Mid-Model/Lighter than Elite EX

Great for someone between 170 to 350lbs, and between 5'5 to 6'3 in height. Has a larger seat, more room between armrests and a higher backrest than DX which alows for more comfort for taller people.


*59lbs. with batteries 


       Geo Elite EX


  • Heavy Duty Model (59lbs.*)

  • Weight Support: Up to 350lbs. 

  • Lithium Ion Battery:16aH

  • Larger Seat Size: 17"X17"

  • 22" Between armrests 

  • Largest Motors: Two 250W

  • Larger Rear Tires: 10" 

  • Front Side-Spring Suspension for smoother ride



      Heavy Duty/Most Powerful

Best model for someone between 200 to 350lbs. More powerful motors provide faster pickup and allow for better handling of outdoor terrrain. It is also equipped with front spring suspension for a smoother ride. 


*65lbs. with batteries 


Detailed Comparison Chart  

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