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Traveling with the Geo Cruiser


One of the benefits of the Geo Cruiser is its foldable compact and portable design. This enables you to transport the unit in variety of ways including a car, van, SUV, plane train of cruise ship. 


Important Air Travel Information

The Geo Cruiser lithium-ion batteries meet the U.S. Department of Transportation regulations for safe air travel. These regulations state that the battery must not exceed 300-watt hours. You can review the FAA regulations here:


Although most airlines recognize these regulations, and allow mobility products to be taken onboard, each airline reserves the right to set forth their own policies. To avoid any unexpected issues at the airport, we highly recommend that you contact the airline in advance, to check their policy towards mobility devices with lithium batteries. It is also possible to ride the Geo Cruiser all the way to the boarding terminal, once there, the unit can be folded and rolled away like luggage by the baggage attendant.

We recommend you download the following documents from our website before traveling, as the airline may request them before allowing the Geo Cruiser onboard.



  • The Geo Cruiser Battery Material Handling Data Sheet (MSDS)





  • The Geo Cruiser UN 38.3 Battery Test Report








Transporting the Geo Cruiser like Luggage


The Geo Cruiser can be pulled like luggage. You will first need to orient the release brake levers to the “Freewheel” position. This will enable the wheels to move freely. You can also purchase the optional travel case shown below.






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