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Up to $300 OFF and a FREE Accessory Bundle valued at over $300.00 which includes

  • Travel Bag/Cover

  • Side Armrest Bag

  • Under-Seat Basket 

  • Cup-Holder 

  • Safety Flag

  • Cane Holder 

  • Rear Mountable Sun Shade Umbrella 

  • Battery Travel Bag 



Discounts/Discount Codes:


Model     Discount      Discount Code 

EX            $300                  H300

LX            $200                  H200

DX           $200                  H200


The Following Conditions Apply:


1. This promotion is not available with 0% financing

2. Promotion is for online orders 

3. Free promotional items cannot be returned or substituted for discounts

4. All free items must be selected at point of ordering 



Call us at 877-653-3659 if you have any questions or would like to order over the phone

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