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The Geo Cruiser, the power to go where you want, when you want.  

Designed for Comfort, Durability and Ease of Use 

Geo Cruiser DX Blue_Side_LGuardsDown_8-2
  • Lightweight and Portable  

  • Folds and Unfolds in Seconds 

  • Adjustable Backrest & Footrest 

  • Pressure Relief Seat Cushion 

  • Quick-Release Joystick 

  • Max-Comfort Armrests
  • No-Slip Footrest

  • Leg-Guards for safety 

  • Front of side boarding 

Models that support up to 350lbs.   

Geo Cruiser Free Shipping

Geo DX

Geo Cruiser DX Blue_Side_LGuardsDown_8-2
  • Lightest Model (50 lbs*)

  • Weight Support: 270 lbs. 

  • Travel Distance: Up to 15 Miles

  • Width Between Armrests: 19"

  • Motors: 2 X 180 Watt with 8" Flat Free Tires 


Best for someone between 100-240 lbs. and up to 5'9 in height.  It is also the lightest model. 


*55 lbs. with batteries 

MSRP: $3,195.00
SALE:  $2,395.00 

Geo LX

Geo Cruiser DX_Silver_Side_4-10-19.jpg
  • Midsize Model (53 lbs*)

  • Weight Support: 330 lbs. 

  • Travel Distance: Up to 15 Miles

  • Width Between Armrests: 21"

  • 2 X 180 Watt with 8" Flat Free Tires 


Great for someone between 170 to 330lbs. Bigger seat and a higher backrest allows for more comfort for taller people.  


*59 lbs. with batteries 

MSRP: $3,595.00 SALE:  $2,495.00 

Geo EX

Geo EX Red-Sideview-14-10-19.jpg
  • Heavy Duty Model (59 lbs*)

  • Weight Support: 350 lbs. 

  • Travel Distance: Up to 15 Miles

  • Width Between Armrests: 22"

  • Front Spring Suspension

  • 2 X 250 Watt motors with 10" Flat Free Tires 


Best for someone between 200 to 350lbs. More powerful with bigger tires and front suspension for a slightly smoother ride. 


*65 lbs. with batteries 

MSRP: $3,995.00 SALE:  $2,695.00 

Let the GoLite Mini Lift do the lifting for you 


Why the GoLite?

  • It does the lifting for you. Up to 100 lbs 

  • Fits in the trunk, hatch, or backseat 

  • It's Lightweight (Only 23 lbs) 

  • It's Portable (not attached to the vehicle)

  • It's Easy to Operate & Transport  

  • It's Compact and Space Saving  

  • It has an Onboard Lithium-ion Battery

MSRP: $1,495.00 SALE:  $1,095.00 

Longer Lasting Batteries provide More Travel Time    

  • Airline Approved. 

  • 16 Ah - More than any other chair

  • Safe Battery Lock/Unlock Buttons

  • Lightweight - 3 lbs. each 

  • Optional Battery Travel Bag 

  • Optional adapter to charge off-board with the Geo Cruiser 


Ride with Confidence 

All Geo Cruisers have been tested and cleared by the Food and Drug Administration for safety and were awarded a 510K Pre-Market Notification, which is a requirement for manual and electric wheelchairs. This should be an important consideration when shopping and comparing lightweight electric foldable wheelchairs. Many products sold online attempt to get around this by claiming to be mobility aids not requiring FDA. We recommend that you contact the FDA to check if a product requires a 510K.  With the Geo Cruiser, you can be assured that you will receive a product that meets the testing criteria of the FDA. Safety first!

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